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WD-35634-55 CTSTestr 50 Conductivity, TDS and Salinity

Item Number: WD-35634-55
Our Price: $259.81
Oakton CTSTestr 50P Pin-Style Waterproof Pocket
Conductivity/TDS/Salinity Tester, Premium 50 Series
Premium 50 Series
Item Number: WD-35634-55

  • Reliable 3-in-1 tool measures conductivity, TDS, and salinity
    • Redesigned leakproof cap functions as a sample cup and stabilizing base to stand the meter upright
    • Automatic temperature compensation ensures accurate reading in varying environments
    • Easy-to-navigate interface for quick setup and calibration

Specifications & Description

  • Meter TypeTester
  • Display typeLCD
  • Conductivity Accuracy±1% full scale
  • Min TDS0.1 ppm
  • Max TDS10.00 ppt
  • TDS Resolution0.1 ppm, 1ppm, 0.01 ppt
  • TDS Accuracy±1% full scale
  • Min Salinity0.1 ppt
  • Max Salinity10.00 ppt
  • Salinity Resolution0.1 ppt
  • Salinity Accuracy±1% full scale
  • Min Temperature (° C)0
  • Max Temperature (° C)60
  • Min Temperature (° F)32
  • Max Temperature (° F)140
  • Temperature Resolution0.1°C / 0.1°F
  • Temperature Accuracy± 0.5°C, ±0.9°F
  • Temperature compensationYes, ATC
  • WaterproofYes
  • BatteryFour AAA 1.5 V
  • Battery life (hr)250
  • DescriptionPin-Style Waterproof Pocket Conductivity/TDS/Salinity Tester, Premium 50 Series


Protective plastic storage case, lanyard, and 4 AAA batteries.


These CTS testers make measuring water quality easier and faster. The large display offers a better viewing angle, has indicators for battery life, readiness, and calibration, and shows both the parameter and temperature readings at the same time. The testers are available in a pin type or a cup style measuring sensor and measure conductivity, TDS and salinity all in one instrument. 

To enhance field use, the cap was redesigned to be leakproof and can be attached to the top of the meter when not being used—no more lost caps! The cap features a fill line, so you know how much sample you need for an accurate reading when using the cap as a sample cup. The wider design provides a base to keep the meter upright for hands-free measurements. The keypad features fourth key to simplify menu navigation while keeping convenient one-touch calibration. The housing is compatible with lanyards to prevent losing or dropping, but is still waterproof.


WD-00653-89 Conductivity/EC/TDS Solution
Our Price: $21.81
WD-00653-89 Conductivity/EC/TDS Solution
Conductivity/EC/TDS Solution 8974µS, 500ml
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