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Water Treatment

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Pulse Instruments Automation Systems allow flexibility in the selection of features to fit any water disinfection process or size of operation. We can help you meet the needs of increasingly demanding food safety and HACCP programs.

Our automatic monitoring and control systems may be used to effectively manage the chemical treatment. The control system measures the current chemical level to automatically turn ON injection pumps and feeds the required amount of chemical to maintain disinfection.

Treatment levels are then measured and recorded in an electronic form for record keeping.

Applications include:

  • Pre-Harvest and Well Water Treatment
  • Ice Injector
  • Post Harvest Hydrocooler
  • Packing House Dump Tank
  • Fresh “Ready to Eat” Process for tanks and flume

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Kemio disinfection Test Kit with Soft Case
Our Price: $2,347.80
Kemio disinfection Test Kit with Soft Case
Kemio is the next generation measurement platform, delivering the validation you need from a method you can trust.
AP-110 Series Controller
Our Price: $935.00
AP-110 Series Controller
The Pulse Instruments AP-110 Series controllers offer a high level of flexibility in controlling water treatment applications.
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