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SOTA-PH-xx SOTA pH Electrode Sensor

SOTA-PH-03 SOTA pH Electrode Sensor
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Cable Length:
  • Rugged Polymer Body
  • Non-fouling Porous Teflon®  Liquid Junction
  • Optional Double Junction Reference Cell
  • Optional Pt 100 Temperature Compensator
  • Available as Platinum ORP Electrode
  • Removable Protective Guard to Facilitate Cleaning
  • TOP68 Quick Disconnect Cable Connector
The SOTA Laboratory combination pH electrodes feature a molded polymer body with a removable bulb protector to facilitate cleaning. The electrode features the patented porous Teflon® liquid junction, gel filled reference cell with controlled release KCl rings to maintain a stable reference cell potential.

Body Material 12mm Polymer Body
Measuring Range 0 to 14 pH
Temperature Range

-5 to 100°C (23 to 212° F)
-5 to 80°C (23 to 176°F) Calomel Reference

Drift < 2.0 mV/week
Response Time @ 25°C (77oF) 95% of reading in 5 seconds
Asymmetry Potential 7.0 pH ± 0.2 pH
Theoretical Slope ±59.16 mV / pH unit @ 25°C (77oF)
Sodium Error < 0.05 pH in 0.1 Molar Na+ Ion @ 12.8 pH
pH Glass Bulb Impedance @ 25°C (77oF) 60 Megohms

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