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SOTA-ORP-PS-xx SOTA ORP Electrode Sensor

SOTA-ORP-PS-03 SOTA ORP Electrode Sensor
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  • Porous Teflon Junction
Pulse Instruments offers a variety of electrodes to suit the needs of every application. The following electrodes feature a patented reference junction made of porous teflon that is more resistant to clogging problems than conventional materials, and offers a higher reference flow for a rapid and stable measurement. SOTA Electrodes feature a molded plastic body with spin-off bulb protector, and controlled release KCI rings that are a visible reservoir of reference material which diminishes with use, and acts as an indicator of when to replace the electrode. Due to the increased amount of KCI packed in the rings, it extends the life of the electrode by approximately 30% over conventional style electrodes. Electrodes come with a standard 36" cable and BNC connector unless otherwise specified. You may specify any length of cable and choose any connector type. Special PI0020 Series are electrodes specially designed with a high tolerance electrolyte for strong oxidizers such as chlorine. They are used in a flow cell in continuous measurement process environments. 12 mm diameter body has a 15 ft. cable with a BNC connector and may be used with any pH or ORP meter that accept a BNC connection.

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