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R288-14 Strip Chart Recorder

Item Number: R2
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Strip Chart Recorder
Item Number: R288
These Galvanometric Instruments record data by making an impression on pressure sensitive chart paper. The small, compact size makes them ideal for both portable and limited space areas.

The RU288 is very popular among users and OEMs, and RU291 has two analog channels within a single channel recorder case. Both are isolated, and combinations of range or function are possible. Use RU-2196 Escutcheon Plate for Panel Mounting.

Small size makes these recorders the ideal choice for both your portable and limited space applications. They measure only 3-5/8”W x 5-5/8”H x 4-5/16”D! Each recorder provides inkless, dry writing on pressure sensitive paper. Access window slides open so you can make notes on the chart paper. Front-panel thumb wheel lets you easily advance the paper. Chart paper can be set for either a tear-off or reroll operation.

Each recorder includes one roll of chart paper, one gear train, and a 6-ft long 115 VAC/60 Hz adapter.

Model R288
Accuracy ±2% of span
Response Time 1 second max
Max Short Term Input 200%
Max Continuous Input 150%
Recording Width R288: 2-5/16"
Chart Speed Accuracy Synchronous with line frequency
Chart Speed 1 in. per hour
Input Connections 6 pin connector
Power 100-130V / 60Hz


Paper (1 Roll) 0-50 Division Paper
Our Price: $24.53
Paper (1 Roll) 0-50 Division Paper
Paper (1 Roll) pH 0-14 1 Hour Markings
Our Price: $24.53
Paper (1 Roll) pH 0-14 1 Hour Markings
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