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PI1001 pH / ORP Control System (DISCONTINUED)

Item Number: PI1001
Our Price: Discontinued
pH and ORP Control System
Pulse Instruments Control and Monitor Series
Item Number: PI1001 (Discontinued) Call for product support.
Automation of Water Disinfection
Dual pH and ORP control system is housed in a NEMA 4X weatherproof enclosure. It includes a plc based logic controlled alarm with safety shut down. Simple modular design offers affordable continuous monitoring and control.

  • Essential HACCP tool
  • Dual pH and ORP digital monitor and control
  • Built-in plc based alarm and safety
  • Audio-visual alarm is 80 decibel with strobe light
  • Safety shut down shuts off chemical pumps
  • Allows unique hands free operation
  • Future upgrade capability for recording
  • Keypad operation interface

Automation of Water Disinfection Process
Operation: The PI1001 automation system provides unique capabilities for a “Hands Free” operation of water treatment, allowing true automation 24 hours a day, and works with any oxidizer such as chlorine, chlorine dioxide, bromine, ozone, peroxide, peroxyacetic acid.

Control: Two digital displays provide a continuous readout of pH and ORP. When pH goes above the set point or ORP is below the set point, the appropriate chemical feed pumps turn ON and add just enough chemical to maintained the desired levels at all time.

Panel: The control panel is NEMA 4X weatherproof enclosed which may be wall or stand mounted. It houses a programmed logic controller (plc), for logic and safety alarm. Outside is an Emergency Stop, Audio and Visual strobe alarm, alarm reset, lighted ON/OFF switch. Operator interface allows easy menu access for control and alarm set point entry.

Safety Alarm: An alarm condition occurs due to process failure if levels exceed the specified alarm limits of time or alarm set points. Chemical pump is shut-off and the audio-visual alarm is activated until reset by an operator.

Hands Free: A flow switch interface only allows the operation to occur if there is flow in the process.
Proportional Control: Extra 4-20 mA loop is provided for connection to external input pump such as BTBMF or BTMF for proportional injection.

Diagnostics: Built in error diagnostics analyzes proper electrode condition and alerts conditions requiring cleaning, calibration or replacement.


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