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PI0020-ORP ORP Electrode

Item Number: PI0020-ORP
Our Price: $173.00
ORP Electrode
Pulse Instruments Electrode Series
Item Number: PI0020-ORP
  • High Performance
  • Gel Sealed
  • Porous Teflon Junction

  • High Performance Electrodes

    Pulse offers a variety of electrodes to suit the needs of every application. The following electrodes feature a patented reference junction made of porous teflon that is more resistant to clogging problems than conventional materials, and offers a higher reference flow for a rapid and stable measurement. Special PI0020 Series are electrodes specially designed with a high tolerance electrolyte for strong oxidizers such as chlorine. They are used in a flow cell in continuous measurement process environments.

    12mm diameter body has a 15ft cable with a BNC connector and may be used with any pH or ORP meter that accept a BNC connection.


    ORP468-04 ORP Calibration Solutions
    ORP468 ORP Calibration Solutions
    Our Price: Starting at $6.95
    ORP468 ORP Calibration Solutions
    Our solutions help provide a standard known value to calibrate and adjust instruments for higher accuracy and reliability.
    S16 Storage Solutions
    S16 Storage Solutions
    Our Price: Starting at $20.00
    S16 Storage Solutions
    Storage solution ensures that electrode works properly after prolonged storage, overnight storage and between samples.
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