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pH is measured by a pH Meter with an electrochemical pH electrode that indicates the acidity or alkalinity of the liquid. It is a critical parameter in water and wastewater treatment in municipal and industrial applications, chemical production, agriculture research and production. pH Meters are also used in environmental monitoring, chemical and life sciences research, biochemical and pharmaceutical research, electronics production and many more applications.

All pH testers must purchase with calibration solution for tester calibration

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AP-110 Series Controller
Our Price: $935.00
AP-110 Series Controller
The Pulse Instruments AP-110 Series controllers offer a high level of flexibility in controlling water treatment applications.
U-50 Series Multiparameter Water Quality Meter
Our Price: Starting at $3,550.00
U-50 Series Multiparameter Water Quality Meter
The U-50 Series multi-parameter water quality meters are equipped to measure and log data for as many as 11 parameters simultaneously with one single probe. Experience the durability, reliability and intuitive software that will exceed your expectations.
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