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PAA Peroxy Acetic Acid Meter

Item Number: MP9700-PA
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PAA Peroxy Acetic Acid Meter

PAA Peroxy Acetic Acid is commonly used in food process plants as a wash water sanitizer. In most water applications the range of treatment is typically up to 80 ppm, and is managed and controlled either manually or with an automated control system.

In order to validate and verify the primary method of measurement and control, it is critical to periodically manually measure the levels of PAA, in order to confirm the primary control method.

The Model MP9700-PA is a high accuracy digital meter that is fast and simple to use. Simply switch the meter ON and select the PAA mode. Make a sample dilution using the supplied syringe and graduated cylinder. Fill the sample vial and insert it into the meter chamber and zero the meter. Empty one PAA test powder into the sample vial, swirl and observe a pink color if PAA is present. Insert the vial back into the meter and press test for a digital readout of the PAA value.


Peroxy Acetic Acid PAA

Digital Meter

  • Range 0 to 100 ppm
  • Direct Read Out in ppm PAA
  • Works on all PAA products
  • No hazardous materials
  • Easy to Use
  • Use for Validation and verification


Meter Kit Includes:

  • Colorimeter
  • Sample Vials
  • Dilution Glassware
  • Initial Pack of 50 Tests


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