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Orion 9682BNWP Lead Ion Selective Electrode

Item Number: 9682BNWP
Our Price: $1,271.00
Lead Ion Selective Electrode
Orion ISE Series  
Item Number: 9682BNWP  

The Orion 9682BNWP ionplus® Sure-Flow® Series Lead Electrode measure lead ions in aqueous solutions quickly, simply, accurately, and economically.
The Orion 9682BNWP offers additional benefits from the ionplus® Sure- Flow® Combination reference design. With this electrode, a separate reference electrode is unnecessary, making it convenient to use with small sample volumes. The free-flowing liquid junction assures stable, drift-free potentials. When measuring dirty samples which would clog conventional electrode junctions, the Sure-Flow junction can be opened and flushed clean simply by pressing the cap.

Model 9682BNWP
Construction ionplus Sure-Flow solid state combination
Measurement Range 0.1 to 10-6M
20,700 to 0.2 ppm
Connector BNC Waterproof connector
Optimum Temperature Rage 0 - 80°C
Required Reference Electrode Included
Reference Filling Solution Lead filling solution
Calibration Standards 0.1M Pb(ClO4)2
0.1M Na2SO4
Required ISA Consult instruction manual
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