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Orion 9616BNWP Silver / Sulfide Ion Selective Electrode

Item Number: 9616BNWP
Our Price: $1,064.78
Silver / Sulfide Ion Selective Electrode
Orion ISE Series  
Item Number: 9616BNWP  

The Orion 9616BNWP Sure-Flow™ Combination Silver/Sulfide Electrode measure silver and sulfide ions in aqueous solutions quickly, simply, accurately, and economically. Because of the extreme insolubility of silver sulfide, the two ions are virtually never present in solution together. This electrode also performs low-level cyanide and halide titrations.
The Orion 9616BNWP offers additional benefits from the Sure-Flow Combination reference design. With this electrode, a separate reference electrode is unnecessary, making it convenient to use with small sample volumes. The free-flowing liquid junction assures stable, drift-free potentials. When measuring dirty samples which would clog conventional electrode junctions, the Sure-Flow junction can be opened and flushed clean simply by pressing the cap.

Model 9616BNWP
Construction ionplus Sure-Flow plastic membrane combination
Measurement Range 1.0 to 10-7M
107,900 to 0.01 ppm as Ag+
32,100 to 0.003 ppm as S2-
Connector BNC Waterproof connector
Optimum Temperature Rage 0 - 80°C
Required Reference Electrode Included
Reference Filling Solution Silver / Sulfide filling solution
Calibration Standards

Consult instruction manual

Required ISA Silver/Sulfide ISA for Ag+
Silver/Sulfide ISA for S2-
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