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Orion 9502BNWP Carbon Dioxide Ion Selective Electrode

Item Number: 9502BNWP
Our Price: $1,033.31
Carbon Dioxide Ion Selective Electrode
Orion ISE Series  
Item Number: 9502BNWP  

The Orion 9502BNWP Carbon Dioxide Electrode allows fast simple, economical, and accurate measurements of carbon dioxide, carbonate, and bicarbonate aqueous solutions.

Model 9502BNWP
Construction Gas sensing combination
Measurement Range 1x10-2 to 5x10-4M
440 to 4.4 ppm
Connector BNC Waterproof connector
Optimum Temperature Rage 0 - 50°C
Required Reference Electrode Included
Reference Filling Solution Carbon Dioxide filling solution
Calibration Standards 0.1M NaHCO3
1000 ppm as CaCO3
Required ISA Carbon Dioxide ISA
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