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Kemio Sensors for Chlorine (High Range) 500 Pack

Item Number: KEMS25CHR
Our Price: $464.10

Kemio sensors are quick and intuitive, delivering repeatable and reliable results each time.

Each box of Kemio sensors includes a QR code which is scanned to input the batch information. Each sensor packet then has a barcode which validates the test type, range and expiry date. This barcode also matches the Kemio sensor to its calibration information; when scanned Kemio will confirm on screen and allow the test to proceed if the calibrations match. This ensures the correct Kemio sensor is used for each test

Pack of 500 sensors for measuring free (0 - 25) and total (0 - 500) chlorine


Kemio disinfection Test Kit with Soft Case
Our Price: $2,347.80
Kemio disinfection Test Kit with Soft Case
Kemio is the next generation measurement platform, delivering the validation you need from a method you can trust.
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