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Gloss Meters - IG-331 Digital High Efficiency Gloss Meter

Item Number: IG-331
Our Price: $843.00
Gloss Meters - Digital High Efficiency Gloss Checker
Gloss Meter from the Gloss Checker Series
Item Number: IG-331
  • Compact, lightweight, and easy to operate
  • Suitable for a variety of applications
  • Provides accurate measurement results unaffected by color or ambient light
  • The flexible, remote connection of the probe to the display unit ensures greater work efficiency and safety
  • High efficiency measurements with selectable measuring angle (60° or 20°)
  • Automatic calibration
  • Over range display

  • The IG series Gloss Checkers display gloss measurements as numerical data, eliminating ambiguity and ensuring objective evaluation of a product's quality. Compact in design and ready when powered on, all the user needs to do is hold the portable gloss checker against the surface being evaluated for quality control of paints, polishes, floor maintenance and many other industrial applications.

    Gloss Meters - Useful Applications

    Quality control of paint and ink
    For quality testing, outdoor exposure testing, hue adjustment or luster testing.
    Gloss Meter for Paint & ink
    Check and diagnosis of coated surfaces
    Check external coating, cleaning or waxing condition of vehicles, shops, aircraft, bridges, iron/steel frames, and structures or prefabricated structures, etc., and diagnosis of deterioration.
    Gloss Meter for coated vehicle
    Checking printed matter
    Evaluation of embellishing properties in varnishing stage (lamination, endless processing, etc.); evaluation of
    time-induced change and uniformity of surface after drying process; checking paper surface condition.
    Gloss Meters for printed matters
    Checking external appearance of plastic molding
    For checking external appearance of molded resin products and evaluating weather resistance.
    Gloss Meter for plastic molding
    Checking building and masonry finishes
    Inspection of external appearance, completed product test and site finish test in production stage of enamel, sash, floor materials, stone materials, furniture, etc.
    Gloss Meter check for buildings
    Floor maintenance needs
    Inspection of waxed floor finishes in hotels, office buildings and stores.
    Gloss Meter check for floors
    Other uses
    For checking quality and external appearance of film, tape, rubber, leather, etc.

    Optical System Incident angle 60°
    Reception 60°
    60° measurement: Incident angle 60°, Reception angle 60°
    20° measurement: Incident angle 20°, Reception angle 20°
    Measuring Area 12 mm x 6 mm oval 60° measurement: 3 x 6 mm oval
    20° measurement: 3 x 4 mm oval
    Light Source LED (Wavelength: 880 nm) LED (Wavelength: 890 nm)
    Detector SPD (Silicone photodiode) SPD (Silicone photodiode)
    Measuring Range 0-100.0 0-100
    Display Range 0-199.0 (Resolution: 0.1) 0-199 (Resolution: 1)
    Reproducibility ±0.5% F.S., ±1 digit ±5% F.S., ±1 digit
    Power Source S-006P dry battery (9VDC) for operation
    CR-2025 lithium battery (3VDC) for memory
    A3 dry cell battery x 4
    Continued Use Time 15 hours or more 50 hours or more
    Ambient Conditions 0-40° 10-40°

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