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Signet Flow Meters

Signet Flow Meters are advanced instruments that convert the signal from all signet flow sensors into a 4 to 20 mA signal for long distance transmission. Configuration flexibility is maximized with single or dual inout/output, two optinal relays for process control, two packaging options for integral/pipe mount or panel installation, and scalability for virtually any flow range or engineering unit. State-of-the-art elctronic design ensures long-term reliability, signal stability, and simple user setup and operation.

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Signet 8150 Flow Totalizer
Our Price: Starting at $739.00
Signet 8150 Flow Totalizer
The GF Signet 8150 Battery Operated Flow Totalizer is compatible with the GF Signet 515, 525, and 2517 flow sensors, and will provide years of dependable operation. The large digital display indicates flow rate and totalized flow volume simultaneously.
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