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EP1000 Advanced Water Disinfection System

Item Number: EP1000AWDS
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EP1000 - Advanced Water Disinfection System
Pulse Instruments System Series
Item Number: EP1000AWDS

  • Essential HACCP Tool
  • Required for Food Safety
  • Alarm system with Safety
  • Automatic Control
  • NEMA 4X Enclosed
  • Hands Free Operation
  • Advance Design
  • Unique Algorithms

    Advanced Model EP1000 is an essential HACCP tool for wash water automation and control that allows multi-function monitoring, pump control, proportional output and recording of any oxidizer sanitizer. Measure Free Chlorine (ppm), ORP, pH (ISFET), Non-Glass, Conductivity of Dissolved Solids (CDS) and Temperature with a choice of measuring Chlorine dioxide (ppm) or Dissolved Ozone (ppm). Modular design allows you to select the desired measurement options.
Call for pricing and to configure your EP1000 Advanced Water Disinfection System:
  • Sensor Options:
    • pH
    • ORP
    • Free Chlorine
    • Conductivity
    • PAA
  • Frame Design
    • Stainless Steel 316, with Tank Mounting
    • Stainless Steel 316, without Tank Mounting
  • Metering Pumps
  • Circulation Pumps
  • Day Tanks
  • Flow Switch


Star Portable ORP and pH Meter Kit
Star Portable ORP and pH Meter Kit
Our Price: $895.00
Star Portable ORP and pH Meter Kit
Complete kit includes meter with ORP and pH electrode with quick disconnect, calibration solutions, ORP checking solution and a hard carrying case.
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