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EP200 Advanced Water Disinfection Automation System

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EP200 - Advanced Water Disinfection Automation System
Pulse Instruments System Series
Item Number: EP200

  • Works with Chlorine, Chlorine Dioxide, Peroxy Acetic Acid, pH, ORP or Conductivity.
  • Ethernet or WiFi internet or network connectivity
  • Multi Parameter Monitoring
  • Real Time Monitor
  • Built-in Safety Alarms
  • Unique Algorithms

    EP200 has 2 sensor inputs, 6 digital inputs, 2 analog outputs and 6 relay outputs. It includes Data Recording and ePulse Data Management. With analog input signals of 4-20 mA, a variety of measurements may be used such as ppm of active free chlorine (AFC), ppm of chlorine dioxide, chemical level for inventory management and flow rate and totalizing for monitoring water usage, etc. Digital input channels may be used for discrete inputs such as flow sensors, flow switches, and process interlocks..
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