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Dual Set Points Panel Thermometer Controller

Item Number: J377-2
Our Price: $230.00


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• All solid state design
• Low power consumption design, reduced internal heating thus increased reliability
• Cold junction compensation circuit
• Models available with calibration for thermocouples K, J, T and Pt-100 in Centigrade and Fahrenheit
• ON/OFF control
• Proportional control with manual reset
• Dual set points control (Model 377-2)
• T/C burnout protection
• Analog recorder output
• 0.56” high LCD display
• 1/8 DIN standard cases
• Heat cycled 100 hours before shipment

The J377-2 series 1/4 DIN panel mount temperature controllers feature a large LED display with two set points for temperature control.

Control heating and Cooling simultaneously. The high set point may be used to control a cooling device. As the temperature rises above the set point, the 110VAC 5 amp relay is activated and when the set point is reached it will shut off. The low set point is activated to control a heating device so when the reading falls below the set point the 110VAC 5 amp relay is activated and will shut off when the reading reaches the set point.
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