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AP100-PA: PAA Peroxy Acetic Acid Controller

Item Number: AP100-PA
Our Price: $1,950.00

With high emphasis on maintaining wash water sanitation, it is critical to maintain and control sanitizer levels at all times during processing, to prevent the risk of cross contamination. Unlike on-line colorimetric monitors, the AP100-PA meter for PAA Peroxy Acetic Acid uses a membrane covered amperometric sensor that does not require the addition of special reagents

Model AP100-PA controller has a large display with icon based programming. It shows the current measurement value, push button set point selection, adjustable 4-20 mA output, and compact design. When the PAA Peroxy Acetic Acid ppm value goes below the set point, a pump or valve is activated. When the measured value reaches the set point, it shuts the pump off. High and Low alarm points are set to alert the user in case the measured values exceed the upper or lower limits for normal operation

A specially designed flow cell allows high flow through while maintaining low velocity through the system for greater sensitivity and accuracy

PAA Peroxy Acetic Acid is not dependent on pH within typical operating levels, and its value or efficacy does not vary with changes in pH. Therefore, a pH control system is not required to be used, unlike chlorine treatment for effective treatment.


Peroxy Acetic Acid PAA

Monitor and Control

Range 0 to 200 ppm

  • Continuous Monitoring and Control
  • Amperometric Sensor
  • Measures only Peroxy Acetic Acid (PAA)
  • ON/OFF and Proportional Control
  • Flow Switch or Contact input activation
  • Built-in High/Low Alarm
  • Recorder output 4-20 mA
  • Range 0 to 200 ppm
  • Resolution 0.1 ppm
  • High Accuracy ± 2% full range
  • Nema 4X Enclosed


Manifold with flow cell for sampling & sensor
Our Price: $950.00
Manifold with flow cell for sampling & sensor
Manifold with flow cell for sampling & sensor
Strobe & Audio Alarm Box
Our Price: $550.00
Strobe & Audio Alarm Box
Strobe & Audio Alarm Box
PAA Membrane Amperometric Sensor, 0-200 ppm
Our Price: $2,366.00
PAA Membrane Amperometric Sensor, 0-200 ppm
PAA Membrane Amperometric Sensor, 0-200 ppm
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