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NatureSeal® Monitor and Control System

Item Number: SA500
Our Price: $13,500.00


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SA520 / SA550 Automatic Control System is a specialized application for maintaining the level of NatureSeal® treatment in a
dip tank during normal production processing. Simple to operate, the system continuously monitors the treatment concentration
with a highly specialized sensor, and the control unit automatically dispenses the right amount of NatureSeal® to maintain the
proper solution strength.

  • NatureSeal® Monitor and Control
  • Simple to Operate
  • Built-in Safety Alarm
  • NEMA 4X Enclosed
  • Hands Free Operation
  • Built-in Data Recording
  • Ethernet Network Access
  • Patented Technology
  • Digital Monitor & Control
  • Data Recording & Management
  • Specialized Sensor & Manifold

The SA520 is an advanced monitoring system, specifically designed for NatureSeal® treatment management. A small sample of NatureSeal® solution is taken from the dip tank and is transferred to the sensor. A refractive index sensing prism detects the concentration of NatureSeal® in solution, and a unique algorithm calculates the % NatureSeal® value.

The SA520 system automatically dispenses the concentrated NatureSeal® liquid stock solution or powder in to the dip tank, and maintains the concentration at ±0.2%. Example: If the control set point value is 6.5%, the system will turn on the feeder at 6.4% and shut off at 6.6%. Remote access, diagnostic, control and system management.

Set upper and lower limit alarm points. When any alarm point is exceeded, a local audio and visual alarm turns ON to notify the operator. Additionally, if the system is connected to Ethernet with Internet access, it will transmit the alarm via Cell phone SMS text message up to 4 cell phone numbers, and email up to 4 email addresses.

The SA550 uses the same sensor technology with a remote management controller interface, that allows the user remote access to changing control points, alarm points, remote diagnostics, remote control and data management, and includes ePulse® service.


Manifold with flow cell for sampling & sensor
Our Price: $950.00
Manifold with flow cell for sampling & sensor
Manifold with flow cell for sampling & sensor
Strobe & Audio Alarm Box
Our Price: $550.00
Strobe & Audio Alarm Box
Strobe & Audio Alarm Box
PAA Membrane Amperometric Sensor, 0-200 ppm
Our Price: $2,366.00
PAA Membrane Amperometric Sensor, 0-200 ppm
PAA Membrane Amperometric Sensor, 0-200 ppm
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