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951211 ISA for Ammonia Ion Selective Electrode

Item Number: 951211
Our Price: $119.40
pH Adjustor / ISA for Ammonia Ion Selective Electrode
Orion ISE Series  
Item Number: 951211  

Thermo Scientific offers a ready-made pH/ionic strength adjustor 475mL bottle solution that adjusts the pH of standards and samples used in ammonia measurements. The ISA includes a pH color indicator for instant verification of correct pH. The accuracy of the results is improved, because the solution both prevents complexation of ammonia and inhibits formation of metal hydroxides allowing determination of total ammonia in the sample. 951211 Ammonia pH adjustor/ISA is a hazardous solution.

  • pH/Ionic Adjustor Solution Adjusts the pH of Standards and Samples
  • pH Color Indicator for Instant Verification of Correct pH
  • Eliminates pH Measurements
  • The ISA for Ammonia ISE is a hazardous solution, $20 hazardous shipping is included in the price
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