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170RS-pH pH Strip Chart Recorder with Display Four Setpoint Control and Alarm (DISCONTINUED)

Item Number: 170RS-pH
Our Price: Discontinued
(Discontinued) Call for product support.

The Galvanometric Single Channel Recorder records data by making an impression on pressure sensitive chart paper. The chart paper runs at the rate of one inch per hour, and one roll is good for one month on a 24 hour per day period. The dimension is 14" x 12" x 8". Enclosure
NEMA 4X wall mount enclosure design allows easy mounting and it has impact and chemically resistant construction. The font door is fastened with a latch and it provides easy access to the front panel adjustments. Bottom access to plug-in receptacles for pumps, etc. and BNC electrode connectors provide ease of operation.

System Logic
pH is commonly monitored and recorded in liquid and water systems for effluent waste water, or other applications where pH recording is important. The featured product listing offers a great selection of low cost and reliable pH recording systems with a digital LED display and chemical control for Acid and Base. Set two set points for high and low on the digital keypad, and when the measured pH goes below the low set point, the Base pump will be activated and will stay on until set point is reached, and if the reading goes above the high set point, then the Acid pump is activated, and will stay on until the set point is reached. Additional 2 set points are available for High and Low Alarm points.


S16 Storage Solutions
S16 Storage Solutions
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S16 Storage Solutions
Storage solution ensures that electrode works properly after prolonged storage, overnight storage and between samples.
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