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083010MD Orion Dissolved Oxygen Probe

Item Number: 083010MD
Our Price: $973.69
Dissolved Oxygen Probe
Orion Probe Series
Item Number: 083010MD

The Orion Galvanic Dissolved Oxygen probes offer convenience, quick response, and long life between servicing.Features automatic temperature compensation and convenient screw-on membrane caps. The probe require no zero current adjustment for ease of use and the highest possible accuracy.

Model 083010MD
Probe Type Galvanic
Response Time 90% of final value in 10 sec
95% of final value in 15 sec
99% of final value in 60 sec
Minimin Sample Flow 10cm/sec
Oxygen Consumption 0.006 µg/h at 20°C
Max Allow Overpressure 6 Bar
Sample Temperature 0 to 50°C
Electrolyte Lifetime 180 days
Storage Temperature -5 to 50°C
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