C141 LMI Chemical Metering Pump

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Chemical metering pumps is a positive displacement, Liquifram type pumps. Output volume is adjustable while pumps are in operation from zero to maximum capacity.

C1 Series
Adjustment is by means of readily accessible dial knobs, one for changing stroke length and the other for changing stroke frequency (speed). Both knobs are located opposite the liquid handling end.

The pump drive is totally enclosed with no exposed moving parts. Solid state electronic pulser is fully encapsulated with no exposed printed circuit etch and with quick connect terminals at least 3/16” (4.75mm) wide. Electronics are housed in chemical resistant enclosure at the rear of the pump for maximum protection against chemical spillage.

Automatic Pressure Relief
To eliminate need for pressure relief valve, Liqufram automatically stops pulsating when discharge pressure exceeds pump pressure rating by not more than 35%

Chemical metering pump housing is of chemically resistant glass fiber reinforced thermoplastic with a glass fiber reinforced polypropylene EPU carrier. All exposed fasteners are stainless steel. Chemical metering pump valves are ball type, with ceramic balls seating on combination valve seat and seal ring. Valve seat and seal ring are renewable by replacing only the combination seat-seal ring. Pump head is of transparent acrylic material capable of resisting the pumped chemical. Fittings and connections at pump head are PVC.
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