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3-2450 Pressure Sensor

Our Price: $588.00

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PSI Options:
• S3L™ Output
• Standard 3/4 in. NPT Process Connection or 1/2” Male Union
• One-piece injection molded SYGEF® PVDF body
• Flush ceramic diaphragm
• Three (3) Pressure Ranges

The SIGNET 2450 Pressure Sensor has a one-piece injection molded SYGEF® PVDF body and ceramic diaphragm for superior compatibility in corrosive Iiquids. Three (3) pressure versions a!low for optimal resolution matched to your sensing needs Solid state circuitry eliminates drift (no internal potentiometers.)

Built-in temperature compensation provides outstanding accuracy over wide temperature ranges. S3L™ output allows for wiring distances between sensor and SIGNET 8450 Pressure Transmitter or 8250 Level Transmitter up to 121m (400 ft.) An integral adapter (optional) allows for integration of the sensor and transmitter into a compact assembly.

• Level or Depth Sensing
• HVAC System
• Scrubbers
• Pump Protection
• Marine
• Water Management
• Irrigation Systems
• Wastewater
• Chem Processing
• Pressure Regulation/Monitoring
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